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And I would like to thank…

18th Oct 2016

I am indebted to all our interviewees and the people who made Charlotte’s Compass happen.


Tony Rodgers, Cambridge Tour Guide
Margherita Cesca, Architettura MCMM
Huw Griffith, British Antarctic Survey
Neil Baradwha, Cambridge Fruit Company
Helena G Anderson, photographer


Kasia and Jamie Trevena, who put us up at their incredible yoga retreat in Ibiza, fed us macrobiotic food, drove us round the island and led us to the most fascinating people. Find out more (and make a booking!) at Vitalise.

Esteban Mari, kiosk owner, Cala Llenya beach
Matthias and Aukje
Ines Gonzalez, stall holder in St Gertrudis market
Meryl and Carlota, The World Family
Christina Ostrom, artist
Sergio Allgaier, Natural Living wholefoods store and Caramba Productions
Belinda, clothes shop owner in San Carlos
Andy, Viccio heladeria
Jeremie Quidu, crystal healer
Gloria, actress


Monique Sherrett, Boxcar Marketing
Peter Connolly, occupational therapist
David Mahon, Underdog Boxing
Peter Gorey, John Delany, Fighting Blindness
Sarah Maher, Little White Dress bridal boutique
Grant Underwood
Lynn Scarff, Dublin Science Gallery
Maureen Levy, Black Church Print Studio

London and around

Gary Mansfield, artist
Lara Honnor, Get Your Tits Out! blog
Adele-Sara Richards, @MyMaidaVale. The eyes and ears of Maida Vale!
Ben Bowers, Movember
David Motion, The Winery
Hayley Newstead, Absolute Flowers and Home
Ian Khan, The Yaa Centre
Simon Ryder, The Floating Classroom
Dan Krieger, Vickers Estate Agents
Sarah Emmings, boat owner
Charles Fattouche, FoodMood app
Geraldine Leventis, Raoul’s

South of France

Gabriel Mathieu Retired and Local Historian
George Trescasse, gardener and former builder
Guy Laurent, Director Mental Health
Henri Llorente, council worker
Ian Radford, retired educator and manager, and Mary Radford, retired teacher
Jonathan Hesford, Winemaker
Katja Moll, Businesswoman
Lucian Robert, retired electrical engineer
Malcolm Cooper and Stephanie Michaux
Martine Surjus Vandenberghen, retired nurse
Nicole Coll, seamstress
Patrick Felices, musician
Susan Baines, Teacher of Business French at Toulouse University
Tim McGregor, retired RUC Superintendent
Marthe Nonell, former shopkeeper
Irène Romangas, former bookshop keeper
Jeanne Munoz, former vineyard worker
Marie-Thérèse Auguet, former electrician’s bookkeeper
Shiela, restaurateur and primary school teacher.

The music

Thank you so much to Teri Eger for allowing us to use her song, Compass throughout this project. Please visit her YouTube channel to hear more of her beautiful music.

Production team

Directors: James Uren, Little Dragon Films; Archie Brooksbank, Bladesman Production ; Dominic Colchester
Producer: Sue Keogh, Sookio
Editors: James Uren, Colin Ramsay, Little Dragon Films
Camera: Dominic Colchester, Colin Ramsay, Archie Thomas, Craig Lees, Will Hadley, Archie Brooksbank
Assistant editors: Bridget Bradshaw, Nilofar Emami, Craig Lees
Translator: Myriam Affognon
Photography: Lizzy Doe, Jacob Robinson, Will Paterson
Website, branding and social media strategy: RE-UP
Website copywriting: Sue Keogh, Sookio
Social media: Sophie Eadon
Brand manager: Linzi Boyd
Planning: Katie Shapley, The Organisers

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