Star interview: Mo Levy

High up above Temple Bar in Dublin, Mo told me about her experiences of adoption and how having children of her own has given her roots. She told me how she uses humour as therapy, and how we never know who our teachers in life will be. And we laughed – a lot.

An interview with the lifestyle blogger Tami Bee

When I wake up every morning, I feel joy from those extra few minutes in bed. I find joy in opening my blinds and having the angelic light shine in my eyes. And I feel pretty damn good when I remember my lines. It really is true what they say (Read more)

Star interview: Lynn Scarff

It’s incredible, listening to Lynn Scarff, Director of the Dublin Science Gallery. She’s a dynamo, so full of energy! She’s someone whose brain is constantly pinging with connections between the arts, science and philosophy, and with ideas for inspiring curiosity in children and adults alike. Lynn is part of our episodes Fulfilment and Legacy, and here you can watch her interview in full.