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An interview with the lifestyle blogger Tami Bee

7th Feb 2017


When I wake up every morning, I feel joy from those extra few minutes in bed. I find joy in opening my blinds and having the angelic light shine in my eyes. And I feel pretty damn good when I remember my lines. It really is true what they say – finding beauty in the little things: that is joy. I spoke to fashion and lifestyle blogger Tami, who certainly put a smile on my face. Her sheer love for her little Isla and sparks of happiness that fly off when she works on her personal projects, is the epitome of joy. Here, she brings you joy in her own words…  

What is ‘joy’ to you?

Joy to me goes hand in hand with feeling content. Realising that everything is going right for me, I’m doing well in all, if not the majority of the areas in my life. Seeing my daughter happy, particularly with any struggles she’s faced and knowing I’ve hit goals I’ve always wanted to hit!

Have you ever found beauty in the little things? If so, what?

Absolutely! And again, it’s got to be my daughter. My favourite noise in the world is her laugh and that sounds SO cheesy but it relaxes me. It’s just a genuine, pure little laugh that is beautiful to me!


‘Happiness is overrated’ – do you think there’s some truth in this statement?

I don’t think it is at all. I’ve been thinking a lot about being happy, and it’s absolutely not overrated. If you want to be happy, you’ve got to be happy with yourself first. Whoever came up with that statement obviously didn’t feel content with themselves.

Have you overcome a life-changing experience that has made you see or feel happiness?

Cliché but again, becoming a mother was probably the most life changing experience for me. You’re not focusing on yourself anymore, your child’s happiness becomes your total priority and if she’s happy, then I am happy.

What made you smile today?

I got to focus on my blog content for a few hours, photographing outfits, and that always makes me smile. I love coming up with looks and being in front of the camera, as vain as that might sound. And also, Isla counted to 20 all by herself, all with full eye contact – that REALLY made me smile. 🙂


Are there any photos / articles which bring you joy, that you would like to share with others?

I don’t particularly have any posts that bring me joy but I always live by a C.S Lewis quote and it always makes me feel less anxious when I’m having a bad day:

“There are far, far better things ahead, than any we leave behind.”

Maybe that’s something you can take from this, if you ever feel like you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel. From every person I’ve spoken to about
joy, it’s evident that joy works in its own way for each person. Joy is freedom. Joy is stability. Joy is tying your shoelaces perfectly. Tami, is not alone when she shows pure elation when she speaks of her daughter. I can sense that this is a love that is so powerful, it’s unbreakable.

I’d love to say a big thanks to the ultra-talented and gorgeous
Tami for sharing her words for Charlotte’s Compass. Keep smiling!
Whether big or small, I would love to hear from you all on what ‘joy’ is to you. If you wish to share your story, send to iamcpeters@gmail.com


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