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Interlude in Prague

Mozart comes back to Prague as “Interlude in Prague” begins filming

The UK-Czech Republic co-production Interlude in Prague has started filming in the Czech Republic and will continue the shoot until May 13th. The fictionalized plot is based on the true life events of Mozart’s visit to Prague in 1787 and centers around the creation of his opera Don Giovanni.

Interlude in Prague, advertised as “Shakespeare in Love-style drama with a Dangerous Liaisons tragic end”, is produced by Huw Penallt Jones from Productive International and Hannah Leader along with the local production company Stillking Films.

The 30-day shoot will take place mostly on historic locations all around the Czech Republic, including the castles Libochovice, Ploskovice and Jemniště, the Doksany Monastery and the Baroque Theatre in Český Krumlov. This unique theatre, which is a part of the Český Krumlov Castle, will double for the interiors of the Nostic (modern-day “Estate”) Theatre in Prague, where Mozart conducted Le nozze di Figaro in January 1787. The tremendous success of this opera with the Prague audience generated a commission for another opera, Don Giovanni.

This is a Czech story at heart, and the local film community is thrilled to help bring this movie to life,” said David Minkowski, co-producer for Stillking. Interlude in Prague will be based at Barrandov Studios and will spend more than EUR 7 million in CR with a cast and crew of more than 175 people.

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